I Denounce Pat Robertson

Before, After.

Imagine for a moment that were the White House.

Imagine that all of the hospitals in Washington, DC were destroyed by an earthquake.

Imagine, just for a bit, that the earthquake had killed tens of thousands of your countrymen.

Now imagine learning that someone went on television and said this:

I don’t know if the Haiti earthquake is the act of a vengeful God to show the idolotrous heathens his power, or whether their Satanism is the exact problem, or what.

But I do know that now is not the time to discuss it.

Now is the time, as Jon of Exurban League says,

In addition to your prayers, if at all possible, give ’til it hurts, then keep giving until it starts feeling good again.

A good place to start is withFranklin Graham (w/t @Mary Katherine Ham).