Illinois Conservatives Favoring Patrick Hughes for Senate

Republicans in Illinois have had a large field to study in the primary campaign for United States Senator.  With the departure of Dr. Eric Wallace, it appears that for conservatives one candidate is standing out above the others, Hinsdale businessman Patrick Hughes.

Writing at Illinois Review, Sam Pierce says:

Yesterday evening I attended a meet and greet for Patrick Hughes hosted by the Effingham GOP. The Effingham American Legion graciously allowed us to meet in their facility. It was great to meet Patrick Hughes and Charlie Johnson who is working with Patrick in his endeavor to bring real change to Washington. By real change, I mean as Hughes’ literature says “A Senator for Us. For a Change.” I mean a Senator who believes as Hughes told me yesterday evening, “The Constitution says what it says!”

The Senate seat is being vacated by Roland Burris (D), appointed amid scandal earlier this year by now-impeached former Governor Rod Blagojevich. Burris declined to seek reelection.

Hughes’ main opposition in the race is liberal Illinois Congressman Mark Kirk, one of a handful of Republicans to vote with Nancy Pelosi for the Cap and Trade legislation in the House over the summer. By contrast, Hughes has received the endorsement of Phyllis Schlafly (yes, that Phyllis Schlafly) and Mike Ditka.

I apologize for the poor quality of this video, shot in the aforementioned Legion Hall:

Hughes opposes abortion, supports concealed carry, a strong national defense, small government, low taxes, and a literal judicial interpretation of the Constitution.

Illinoisans will vote for a conservative, especially this year with the mood of the country so sour on liberal policies. Hughes will motivate the conservative base of the Party, and as an outsider is the sort of person for whom independents feel affinity. And Hughes brings the kind of outside-the-beltway perspective we need in Washington.

I fully endorse Pat Hughes for U.S. Senate, and urge my fellow conservatives to do the same.

And of course, send money.