The Last Racist Post I Will Ever Be Accused Of Making

So it’s come to this.

All opposition to President Obama, as the Maharushi predicted, is deemed racist.

The end result of that, of course, is that President Obama cannot be opposed. Clearly, no white person can oppose him. And since his mother was white, no black person can oppose him without being a racist, no matter how clearly he makes the case. And naturally no person of Asian, Polynesian, or Martian descent can oppose him without revealing their inner Robert Byrd.

An executive who cannot be opposed is not a president, but a king.

The true beauty of the race card is not merely its universality of application, but its flexibility. It is available as a standing argument on any issue, readily committed to memory. Here, I will be helpful and give a general template:

  1. Barack Obama says X.
  2. Someone not Barack Obama says “not X”.
  3. Racism!

Now, how hard was that? It seems readily designed for former Presidents, and indeed, one has taken it up.

And should President Obama ever encounter new information of such profound import that he would change his position on some issue from X to Y, or from X all the way to “not X”, the racism argument is clearly able to counter Y or Not X as well. Why, it can even be raised preemptively:

But the best thing about the racism argument is that it will always be there. Or will it?

Because it strikes me that liberals in general, and race-hustling liberals in particular, have a significant blind spot to the indirect consequences of their actions. They don’t realize that they are using up the shock value of the racism charge. They are using up the effectiveness of the argument bit by ugly bit. And these things have a way of suddenly turning. You never know which use of a meme will be the last one to be effective. Consequently, you never know which one will be the first to fall on deaf ears, bringing more scorn and derision on its user than its target.

You might have overstayed your welcome is when you are shown the undercarriage of the Obama bus:

How wonderful it would be if the practice of rolling out phony, reflexive and wearisome charges of racism was dispatched at the same time we were encouraged by our President no longer to pay any attention to Jimmy Carter.