Obama to urge school kids to ditch public school

President Obama will urge students to get out of public schools and attend private schools if they want to emulate his success.

The story was broken by former satirist and current Washington Examiner hard news reporter Scott Ott. According to Ott:

Although Obama attended public school in Indonesia early in life, he soon switched to a private Catholic school, and from fifth grade through graduation went to a private college-prep school in Hawaii. His own daughters now attend a private school in Washington D.C..

“Do you think you’re going to get into Harvard University with your one-size-fits-all public school diploma?” the president will reportedly say. “Come on! Don’t make me laugh. You’ll be lucky to survive through graduation. Seriously, you gotta get out of this mediocrity machine. Go ahead! Get up right now. Run for the door. What are you waiting for?”

w/t David Boaz