A Time for Leaders

Over at Classical Values, Simon asks how that Glenn Beck boycott is coming along. It turns out that Glenn’s ratings have gone Apollo, and may or may not return to Earth. But while I’m going to talk about him, this diary is really about you.

Beck has been an outspoken critic of the policies of Dear Leader. That’s not surprising, since Obama’s ideas are antithetical to the kind of mainstream, populibertarian — dare I say it — American ideals for which Glenn is known. I’m not a regular Beck viewer, as it doesn’t fit my schedule, so all I have is what snippets I catch now and then and what others say about him.

If Glenn Beck were a racist, he would not be on the air. The producers of the show would quit. The sponsors would pull their ads without a boycott. The network executives would be on their own network denouncing him. There would be some evidence shown, rather than mere accusations made. Fox News could not afford to have that kind of stuff on the air, if there were some kind of stuff not to have.

And if MoveOn.org and the rest of the hopeychangey crew is calling him a racist, I’d say that is a very good sign that A) he is not a racist and B) that they see him as the enemy.

So even if I didn’t already know from watching him briefly that Beck is one of the good guys, I would support his show on the basis that he is the enemy of my enemy.

Which brings me to the point.

Glenn Beck is not the leader of our movement. Neither is Sarah Palin, or Rush Limbaugh, or Newt Gingrich. The time for annointing leaders is past.

Because if we do select some national leader, we will be limited by the amount of charisma and effectiveness of that leader. The left will attack and marginalize him, as Simon points out. And they will find flaws, since every one of us has flaws. We will be no stronger than his ability, and as weak as his foibles.

No, it’s time for you to lead. They can’t destroy us all, and there are more of us than there are of them. It’s time to take steps to retake the Republican Party, to stand up for our nation’s founding principles, to say that they still hold. Speak to your friends. Become part of the Party mechanism. Run for office. Call your Congressman. Carry a sign in a parade, even if you feel silly.

One day, the world may change so much that we are overwhelmed. All we can do is to say “Not on our watch!”

To that end I have taken a baby step, and have begun collecting signatures to become the Precinct Committeeman in our local Republican Party. I’ll have to run for election to this Party post, the lowest rung on the ladder.

What are you going to do?