Killining the Old to Insure the Young

To pay for the expansion of health insurance to young, healthy people (including illegal aliens), Congress is going to cut Medicare. That means they are going to cut funding of health care for the elderly in order to pay for insurance for people who don’t need it.

As TMR’s Knight of the Mind pointed out earlier today, President Obama’s plan for cutting medical cost hinges on cutting costs at the end of life, by giving the elderly drugs instead of healing their illness. “Just be a good granny and die, OK? I’m kinda busy for the funeral, though.”

In our country, we often say that we want to take care of the needy, the aged, the infirm. We would care for those who can’t care for themselves. The able-bodied and strong should fend for themselves, since they are the best judge of how to do that.

In real life, I work two jobs. One of these jobs is for a retail food chain which offers no health insurance. About half of the people I work with there have have health insurance through a spouse, or parent, or other job. The other half don’t have any.

They are just like millions of other Americans who are not covered by health insurance. When they get sick, which they rarely do, they either go to the doctor’s office or suffer through the long wait the hospital emergency room, and pay their own bills afterward. If the problem is serious enough, they work out a payment plan with the doctor or hospital, often at a deep discount.

Because they don’t have a catastrophic problem every month or even every year, young people don’t see a financial need for medical insurance.

And if they do see the financial need, they can’t get it for one reason: insurance companies are not allowed, at least in my State, to offer insurance which only covers unforeseen catastrophic health problems. The government mandates that insurance poicies cover pregnancy, which my coworkers know how to avoid,and a lengthy list of other things which they may or may not:

Amino Acid-Based Elemental Formulas
Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer Pain
Breast Exam
Breast Ultrasound Exam

Read, as they say, the whole thing.

Many of my young coworkers also live paycheck to paycheck, with little or no savings. Their big fear is being out of work for a couple of weeks, which would put them behind on their bills, which would probably interfere with their texting.

So rather than being able to buy a policy that covers catastrophes, the only policies offered cover them for things they can pay off over time. Some do have coverage to pay their bills if they are too sick to work for a long stretch, but that doesn’t pay for big medical expenses.

Like other liberal policies, the unintended consequence of mandated coverage is that it is too expensive to help the people who need it.

So President Obama’s answer? Cut the funding of the people who need our help the most — the aged — and give it to the people who just want to work, and don’t see the need for insurance.

And oh, by the way: give some to illegal aliens, too. At The Corner, Mark Krikorian says:

Democrats have stopped even pretending to try to keep illegals from being covered by Obamacare — they rejected an amendment that would have required Obamacare applicants to be screened with the same eligibility-screening database as used for welfare applicants, thus guaranteeing that lots of illegal aliens would receive taxpayer-funded health care.

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