My first year with RedState

It has really been great. I always thought I was one of the few frothing at the mouth at our current state of affairs,k but since joining, I have discovered that I am only a piker by comparason to our senior members.

  I only got thrown out once, and my indescretion was responding to some birther stuff which I recognised as good, clean fun…but that IS NOT the prevelent view…lol

  My expirence thus far has been vry good, to say the least. I seem only to have a bit of trouble trying to advertise here…but taking into account some of my rather snide postings, I guess it might be understandable. I do enjoy swinging the sword and inciting violence for pure recreational reasons, but they are never ment to to be of a personal nature.

   Look, I gotta shoot this bullet through your head, but you gotta understand, it ain’t me, it’s just business…and ya know how much I love ya… toodooloo..

  But RedState has been a very personally rewarding expirence, and I thank you all, each and every one ESPECIALLY those who take issue with my rants and raves, because that is where we cross swords and it is the only time serious debate, growth and insight might take place.

  Again, I am honored to be a part of this community, I look forward to each morning ( Every Morning ) of first straifing the news Fox, Drudge, Weasel Zippers, Hot Air and then proceeding to RedState to engauge in battle.. or mutual agreement which is more often the case..

  In summary, all I can do is thank you all. Moe, Eric, Neil, and endless other contributors. I am honored to be amongst you all., and look forward to many more years of being so if Neil allows…lol

  Hey, it’s my birthday. I getta say something, right?

  Bottom line…RedState is GREAT!! Practically a public service, I recommend to anyone who will grant me audience. I never had so much fun with a computer.

  Thanks all, and I hope you realize I am sincere in my statements. I feel that I am in the company of the true Patriots, and it is our mission to protect and defend this great country we either have been lucky enough to have been born in, or accepted by.



 Otherwise known as Mark Richardson of the great State of Alaska