Hollywood Writer Wants to Have Her Cake and Eat It Too Over Weinstein Scandal

Hollywood Writer Wants to Have Her Cake and Eat It Too Over Weinstein Scandal

Since the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault story broke the hot takes have been coming almost too quickly for me to react to them all.

From Lisa Bloom’s statement to the Late Night Host’s complete and utter silence, and even Weinstein’s statement is filled with double speak and complete disregard for his victims.

I saw this tweet thread from Carina MacKenzie, who has written for a couple of shows in Hollywood, like The Originals, The Flash, and The Originals: Awakening. She wrote about how a powerful agent she knows sexually harassed her and two friends. One of tweets that stuck out to me the most was this one:

Carina is a self-described feminist and if there is one thing that feminism has taught us over the last 40 years it is that men and woman have no differences.

Most men I know and grew up around treated/treat women differently than they treat men. It’s in men’s nature to protect and defend women, it’s in our DNA. But for the last 40 years, Hollywood and academia have been telling men that masculinity is toxic and a danger to us all.

Feminists demand to have it all ways. They insist that men protect them and defend them, that men and women are no different, and that masculinity is toxic.

So, Hollywood feminists, what do you want? Do you want men, whose masculinity wires them to defend those who can’t defend themselves, to stand up for you? At the end of your tweet storm, Carina, you had this exchange.

So Jensen Ackles and Jared (Padalecki ?) were there with you, but you didn’t tell them because they would have defended your honor?

You can’t have it both ways Carina, you can’t ask for men to stand up for you, but then refuse to tell them, all the while blaming “rape culture” for not having men stand up for you and you feeling scared. You say you’re secure, tough, and a feminist, but can’t speak his name because you might lose it all.

Carina, you claim rape culture is the reason she won’t name the agent in your tweet-storm. The real reason is you want to eat your cake and have it too. You want a cudgel to smear men with all the while not allowing them to defend you.

Carina, it sounds like you have great men in your life, let them be men. Also, name the agent so that other women are not harassed.

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