it is in math

There was a net loss of 63,000 jobs, which is the biggest decline since March 2003 and weaker than the revised 22,000 jobs lost in January. Economists had forecast a gain of 25,000 jobs according to CNN money. now if you take that number 63,000 and times that by lets say 500,000 half a mil assuming everyone that lost their job, lost their house worth half a mil, that number is 315,000,000,000 billion, a much smaller number then the feds 700 billion bailout it almost looks like wall street wants all the money they think they made on paper. So where are the assets that are worth 700 billion? Who do we owe the money to ourselves? Who are we bailing out. I don’t get it.I can balance my check book but I am having trouble with these big numbers.anyway I do not know what numbers to believe but this bailout looks like socialisum to me.

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