Obama the Anti-American, "Post-racial" Globalist Revealed in 1995 Interview

We’re wrong to criticize the pResident for being anti-American and calling patriots fighting against him “teabaggers.” We’re wrong to accuse the pResident for being a globalist who seeks to undermine America’s sovereignty and the Constitution. We’re wrong to fear that the pResident is forcefully using government to take over our everyday personal lives. We’re wrong to suggest that Obama is using racial politics to his advantage.

We’re wrong to say such terrible things … unless you read what the liar in chief himself said 15 years ago during a magazine interview unearthed by Doug Ross.

CRISIS: Having lived abroad, in Indonesia, how do you think that helped shape your views on race?

OBAMA: It made me realize that racism was an extension of other abuses of power. Living there you learned people can find excuses other than race to oppress each other.

CRISIS: Will race relations get better?

OBAMA: Not in the short term. We’re moving out of a period of American preeminence on the world economic stage. Global competition means increasing economic uncertainty for the majority of Americans, black and white. Unfortunately, politicians in this country find it convenient to define these problems in racial terms — affirmative action, immigration and so on. It’s always easier to organize people around tribe than around principle.

Go here to read the entire interview for yourself.

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