Dear Harry Reid: Is Your Ivory Tower Padded?

If Harry Reid’s Ivory Tower isn’t padded, it should be, because he is cuckoo pants. I submit as exhibit A:

Only 36,000 jobs lost, which is UP from last month. What a super awesome day! Who wants evil private sector jobs anyway, right Harry? The rhetoric of the Democrat’s has moved from incomprehensible to absolutely unbelievable. Talk about shock and awe; can he really be this much of a dunce? Such woefully clueless rhetoric shows that not only have they never owned a business or ran a business, but few have even worked for a living. They are like a bunch of little boys playing “business Daddy” dress-up.

People need to WORK, not to chatter endlessly about good intentions and meaning well and feel good-y nonsense. Hey, instead of kedoodling around and spouting incompetent nonsense, why don’t you, I don’t know, govern? Perhaps stop wasting time on ridiculous schemes that no one wants and that will debilitate our country and its economy further? Stop bailing out crappy businesses. Stop regulating  the good ones out of business. Stop taxing them out of employing people. As I said, I know it’s hard since many of you haven’t worked a day in the private sector in your lives, but it’s time to not just put on big boy pants, but to also act like big boys. People, real people, are hurting.

But you don’t really care, do you, Harry? Job schmobs, we’ve got a health care bill – that no one wants – to try to ram through. Ideology outweighs the needs of the people and the good of the country, for you, once again. I’ll check back with you on that whole “it’s a good day” when people lose their jobs thing come November of 2010, when y’all will be given the big old boot. I’ll make sure to have this video clip handy to play for you.