Um, MSNBC is *Totally* Losing It

I’m not really sure who this Dylan Ratigan is and I suspect that maybe 3 people — tops — watch his show. However, his behavior, whilst interviewing Mark Williams about Tea Parties, is indicative of how desperate MSNBC and many on the far left have become.

Just keep screeching “you want to kill black people. Racists! Nazis!” That’s working out really well for you so far, lefties!

Sigh. While I, at times, point and snicker at their foolishness and buffoonery, it also infuriates me. Not only because they are obviously using their typical tired and old, yet still cruel, Alinksy tactics, but also because they are sickeningly diminishing real acts of racism by their constant and vile claims of faux racism. If everything is racist, idiots, then nothing is.

Insanity in action below:

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