Courtesy of BigFurHat/iOwnTheWorld.com
Courtesy of BigFurHat/iOwnTheWorld.com

Yes, I’m yelling. Shrilly Shrieking actually, like the devious Right Winger that I am.  Why? Because I’ve barely heard a whisper about this story outside of the blogosphere, besides Hannity and I give him props for that.

Did y’all know that our Government is withholding water from FARMERS. No, seriously. For realsies. Worse, the reason: to save some smelt as per a ruling from Judge Oliver Wanger, who I can only assume is trying out for a Justice position in that bastion of Utopian Jacka**ery, The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.  That’s right, he believes SMELT are more important than the livelihood of the farmers and all whom they employ. They are also more important than the American people as a whole who will pay for the decrease in supply with higher prices at the grocery store. I know that is hard for Democrats to understand, as they apparently don’t get the concept of things like supply and demand. That’s pesky Economics stuff. They prefer to posture and say things like “oh, um, that was inherited from Bush.” I hate to inform y’all, but you CAMPAIGNED for the jobs. Thus, nothing was “inherited”.  Man up and deal.

On the 22nd of September, the Democrats killed Senator DeMint’s Amendment that would have turned the water back on for California farmers (and the hundreds of thousands of  jobs they supply) by a vote of 61 to 36.  The Democrats were joined by three of the usual Republican suspects, Snowe, Collins and Alexander.

IN A RECESSION. What, not enough people on food stamps yet?  I’m shocked that the Obamas haven’t voiced their concern.  I mean, have you SEEN the price of Arugula at Whole Foods as it is!?  And what about Michelle Obama’s Tuscan Kale and $5.00 per dozen eggs? She may have to cut back on her $500 a pair sneakers!

Dianne Feinstein went one nuttier than the rest; she compared turning back ON the water to — Pearl Harbor. No, really:

Obama and the Democrats: Creating or Saving 145,000 to 850,000 acres of fallow, un-farmable land.  And Creating or Saving the need for more and more food stamps.

You know, one of the greatest threats for which Homeland Security tries to plan is major drought. They also have plans in place to immediately deflect any and all threats to our water systems for our food supplies. Who knew they’d have to plan for man-made droughts.

And defend us from those threats at the hands of our own Government.

Congress Created Dust Bowl. Picture courtesy of TheBlogProf
Congress Created Dust Bowl. Picture courtesy of TheBlogProf

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