It's Official: Wary of Obama's School Speech? You're a Racist!

So declares the ever tiresome and predictable buffoon, Joan Walsh of Salon.

The far right says Obama is bad for our kids

So I was thrilled to hear he was going to deliver a back-to- school speech next week. I like seeing him play that paternal role, Father in Chief, not just for his own daughters, but for all of our children. All of our kids need to be reminded that education is a precious opportunity they must seize, whether they live behind the high gates of a tony private community or in a violence-plagued housing project. After all the fighting of the summer, finally something we can agree about, right?

Wrong. I never imagined the outbreak of right-wing crazy that Obama’s gesture would provoke, and this time it’s hard not to see racism behind the hysteria. The message is “Obama’s coming for our children!” the standard cry against scary boogeymen in every culture. I mean, really, what besides Obama’s race could make him so scary to these people? That he’s a Marxist socialist fascist Nazi? I’d argue that the only reason those extreme epithets have taken hold goes back to reason No. 1: Our first black president is provoking some outsize and irrational reactions.

Joan, sweetie (I feel as if we are on a first name basis since you profess to know what is in my heart and mind). There’s a key difference between us right there. I do not WANT nor need a “Father in chief” for my child. And even if I did, I would not choose a politician to be so. You see, I don’t believe The Government is my Mommy nor my Daddy. I don’t want nor need them to hold my hand nor raise my child. I’m funny like that; I believe that people can actually make their own informed decisions and run their own lives.

Unlike you, I don’t believe Democrat politicians are some glittering aristocracy nor members of some great intelligentsia that know better than I do. Granted, Perhaps I’ve never held the title of Community Organizer, but I’ve actually lived and, you know, accomplished things. I prefer those kinds of role models for my child; people who have done actual living outside of an Ivory Tower, who have actually accomplished things and done things for others, not just talked and spouted feel good-y theories and rhetoric whilst holding a figurative gun in hand to force others to sacrifice. It has not one whit to do with the color of someones skin; it has everything to do with the content of their character. Perhaps you need to study up on THAT lesson again, Joan.

The Government is NOT your Daddy, Joan, and neither is President Obama, no matter how many times you fantasize about it.

But that’s not stopping other blowhards of the Pants on Fire Party. Lunatics like Pamela Heller of Newsmax, radio host Brian Fischer and WorldNetDaily’s Bob Unruh are trying to organize parents to take their kids out of school for the day. Texas Gov. Rick Perry says he’s “troubled” by Obama’s speech. Crazy Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin are raging against “indoctrination” while Townhall’s Meredith Jessup is calling it “a massive abuse of government power.”

And lest you dismiss these rantings as confined to the lunatic fringe and ratings-crazed talk-show hosts, the backlash has had an effect. First, after school administrators in mostly red states expressed concerns about exposing kids to the speech without knowing what’s in it, the president’s office said he’d make it available on Monday so they can read it in advance. OK, that’s nice of the president, but is anybody else a little rattled that some right-wing bullies appointed the nation’s unelected school administrators to vet our president’s speech? And even that wasn’t enough for administrators in six states: Districts in Missouri, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Virginia and Texas are telling reporters they won’t show Obama’s speech to students on Tuesday. (I’d urge parents of kids in those districts to protest by keeping their kids home, except liberals value education too much to do that.)

Where to start to explain this hysteria? Since the height of Sarah Palin’s dishonest and divisive campaign last September, I’ve been alarmed by the unique way in which Obama’s opponents paint him as “the other.” For the life of me, I can’t think of another American politician — not even Hillary Clinton, although it’s close — who has spurred such visceral, irrational hatred. (Tell me if I’ve missed anyone in comments.) Sure, John Kerry was “French” and Michael Dukakis was Greek (and looked like a pinhead in that dumb helmet), but only Obama is a Marxist Communist who pals around with terrorists and wants to harm your children.

Raging against indoctrination? Expressing concern and disagreeing with YOU is not raging. I’ve read what Michelle Malkin has written and it is far from “raging”. What’s more, she has factual examples to back up her concerns, dear. Where are yours? I know you all are into name calling and ad hominem attacks, but tossing around words like “crazy”, “lunatic fringe” and “pants on fire” don’t quite do it.

Perhaps you don’t have children? I’d use the Liberal’s fave, Wikipedia, to find out, but to be frank, I’m just not that into you. So, let me just explain something to you. When you have children, it isn’t “crazy” to be concerned for them. Even if the fears turn out to be unfounded, it is not wrong to HAVE them. It is instinct (you know, that science-y stuff y’all claim to love) to protect your child. We parents preemptively protect them; we don’t wait until something happens and then say “Whoops”.

So, no, we are not “bullies” for daring to wish to see before-hand a speech that is going to be told to our children without invitation. The speech itself isn’t even the main issue either; it is the lesson plans and the ideology that will be foisted upon our children before and after. Cuckoo? Not quite; we base such concerns on first-hand experience.

My own little girl stepped forward and told us all that in five years, if something wasn’t done, Myrtle Beach (where we share many happy family memories) would be lost under the waves forever. Guess how the play ended? With an exhortation to the parents of course. “Mom and Dad, what can you do? Turn off lights, drive hybrid vehicles, and vote for candidates who are working to change the world for the better.” A small child’s voice barely squeaked out “Obama” before the applause, and a few knowing chuckles, erupted among the yuppies, yippies, and go alongs.

Vote Democrat! …. says their teacher. This is not the first or last time overtly partisan, overtly leftist rhetoric was foisted on my children. That wasn’t even the first or last time that day. Every day they come home with something that I must debunk, refute, or dispute.

Which leads us to one of your most laughable utterances. “but only Obama is a Marxist Communist who pals around with terrorists and wants to harm your children”. Perhaps calling Obama himself a Marxist Communist is hyperbole, however, he DOES pal around with domestic terrorists – no matter how much you all extol the virtues of Bill Ayers, that is *exactly* what he is. And have you not heard of his Green Job Czar, Van Jones? I know the media has been doing it’s best to cover-up, but he does exist and Obama did appoint him. A self-professed Communist and a Truther. You know, like those Birthers at whom you sneer only way, way crazier. And far more dangerous as he is in a position of Power, as well as being in charge of $30 BILLION. Of our money.

You’re right about one thing, I must admit. This speech by a President to school children is different. Because you all made it different. We’ve seen what you do with children, exploit them and use them to “sell” President Obama and his policies. We remember the videos of children singing songs with words they likely didn’t even understand, all in the name of The One. We know that you even have no qualms about using mourning children to spout policy points at the funeral of their own Grandpa. Capped off by your latest super creepy “I Pledge” campaign, recently shown to school children in Utah.

The President himself made it different as well, due to his constant ridiculing of “bitter clingers”, the derision aimed at anyone who dares disagree with him, the sneering condescension all Summer long toward people simply questioning a policy that would result in a Government take-over of 1/6 of the economy and take health care choices OUT of individuals hands. Did you forget that constant drumbeat of Un-American, angry mobs, racist, evil mongers and the odious Nazi references, among other epithets, being hurled our way for months?

So forgive us if we don’t take you all at your word and choose to proactively defend our children. Our World doesn’t revolve around a politician. Our World revolves around our children and we will protect them. We have that Right. (that’s an *actual* Right. Not one of your “I want it, thus I have a Right to it” Rights) By the way, protecting your kids and being wary doesn’t necessarily equal shutting the speech down. But neither does it mean that anyone is crazy or a lunatic for merely having honest concerns and, you know, wanting to READ the speech and lesson plans before exposing their children to them.

But you know what ticks me off the most? That you all are so blind, so willfully ignorant, that you can’t even entertain the idea that some people don’t lionize nor deify politicians. And some people actually believe Socialistic policies are Wrong. We have honest and valid disagreements and you purposefully refuse to see that and instead jump shamelessly on the “You’re Racist!” easy out. It’s easy because you know it is next to impossible to defend and it scares people into silence. No one wants to be called a Racist. And no one can defend themselves from such accusations – saying “I’m not racist’ doesn’t work because you just say “Of course you are, you just don’t know it”.

Correction: That used to work. People are thankfully seeing through such tactics. I know that I’m not Racist, so it no longer offends me. It’s merely sticks and stones. The true problem is that you are hurting actual victims of true racism. By your willy-nilly tossing about of the Racist card, you are reprehensibly rendering the word utterly meaningless, and that just stinks.

Perhaps instead of a Teachable Moment for our children, you all should revisit the lessons learned in The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

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