Post-Racial America? Not For Toy Dolls!

May as well have slapped a “Lil’ Racist” headband on the dastardly coordinating Lil Panda White doll! Featuring a burning cross accessory!

Evil toy manufacturer! Nefariously making a “Cuddle Me” doll that comes with something else little girls love… an adorbs stuffed monkey. The horror. I’m pretty sure with the “Cuddle Me” stuff, they are also totally sexist by chauvinistically implying that little girls must want to cuddle – Hello, misogyny!

Silly me; I didn’t realize that Post-Racial actually meant *making absolutely everything even the most innocuous ABOUT race*

I really need to study my Newspeak Dictionary.

Lil’ Monkey Doll”
LOS ANGELES — Costco has pulled a controversial doll from its shelves after customers complained it was racist.

The doll is called ‘Cuddle with Me” manufactured by BrassKey Keepsakes. It’s the headband that is causing the controversy. It reads “Lil’ Monkey.” The doll is also surrounded by stuffed monkeys. The white doll counterpart on store shelves is surrounded by pandas, with a hat that reads ‘Pretty Panda.’

Mary Gustoff, CEO of Brasskey Keepsakes, said the company has apologized for the mistake, and never intended it to be racist.

“It’s so unfortunate because now it’s portrayed as a purposeful act to be disrespectful and that’s not true. We really apologize. We don’t think in that way. We don’t operate in that kind of thinking. We have a really diverse, family operated company that’s been around for 28 years. What would we have to gain for heaven’s sake?”

Costco is also apologizing for the mistake.

Many customers complained the doll was a reference to the term “monkey” which has been used in the past by racists to denegrate African Americans.

I’ve emphasized the quote that I find most important. They DO NOT think like that… neither do most Americans. The only people who *do* seem to think like that, who see race and color absolutely everywhere are the people who have something to gain from race-baiting. Power.

They cannot move past it; they cannot be “Post-Racial”, as it is a way they hold power and push their agenda. They RELY on victimizing others.

The term was used “in the past”:  Exactly. Let’s leave it there.  Why on Earth can’t a cute little doll come with a stuffed monkey? Do little girls with darker skin not like monkeys? Or are white little girls who think the darker doll with her monkey is adorable .. are they racist little girls?  I call my child, as well as my child plus the children she plays with at the park collectively, “little monkeys” when they are climbing around on the, um, Monkey bars. Am I unwittingly using a racial slur? Is everyone else? Today, it’s a word people use as a term of endearment for their children. Moms and Dads often call their kids “little monkeys” (they copy everything you do, monkey see monkey do, and because they like to climb and swing and “monkey around”).

When can we finally put an end to insanity like this and focus on content of character and not content of doll packages?  Enough. We cannot fall for it nor allow it any longer. How can we ever truly be Post-Racial if absolutely everything continues to be about race? If innocent things like this are constantly twisted around so as to be racist?

As a close friend of mine said (paraphrasing): This is a problem for the beholder and not for the ones who did not see any problem. If you look at that and see some unbearable racial implication in it, then it is you who has issues.

Precisely. Those who see only color and who actively seek to pin a racial element to everything, are the ones who need to examine why they do so. Maybe then, and only then, can we actually become Post-Racial.

And let the darn kids have their dolls.

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