Rosie O'Donnell; Still Crazy (and Bitter) After All These Years


So, the ever classy and demure Rosie O’Donnell is still pulling the Hell Hath No Fury thing. At a recent gig (I’m very surprised to learn that she still gets stand-up gigs. Guess the term “comedy” has also been redefined these days, just like everything else) she couldn’t stop giving little digs to the View and her ex co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, calling her the T word that rhymes with Pot (calling kettle black, incidentally). At least she didn’t call her the Worst Word Ever… the evil S word (Socialist. That’s Code, you know!)

At first, I thought “Hmm… well, she likes those, so she probably meant it as a compliment”, but then I remembered the oh-so-fabulous cat fight that led to her demise on The View. Now, I’m NOT a fan of The View. I’m whatever the absolute opposite of fan is. I’ve complained about that “show” before, when Senator McCain inexplicably made an appearance, if you care to take a gander.

Anyhoopers, I admit to watching the AMAZING Cat Fight between Elisabeth Hassleback and the manatee known as Rosie O’Donnell. I used to DVR The View once a week for drinking game purposes only. Pitifully, it was a Solitaire version. Rules were that one would drink each time one of them blamed something completely irrelevant on either George Bush, “right wing Christians” or “Neo-cons” (I don’t even really know what that means). Karl Rove was sometimes in the mix as well.

But even I have to concede that the cat fight between Rosie and Elisabeth was some good TV. Classic, in fact. I, humiliatingly, couldn’t stop watching the clip for ages. Because it seemed that for months prior, from the omnipresent show clips on O’Reilly and Hannity at least, that Rosie had run roughshod over Elisabeth, who had looked to be on the verge of tears on an almost daily basis. Then , one day, it appeared that Elisabeth’s pregnancy hormones somehow had the effect of growing a huge pair of gonads. (I hope she got that looked at).

And that upset … and still seems to be upsetting… poor Rosie. Her usual trick of resorting to ad hominem attacks (like calling Elisabeth ignorant or asking if it was possible for her to think of two things at once) interspersed with quite frightening frothing at the mouth, didn’t pass muster that time. Elisabeth actually countered quite well and managed to even slip in a slick and bitchy Donald Trump reference, leaving Rosie, for the first time ever, speechless in her feigned indignation. Her only response was to say she wasn’t going to answer anything else because it would be “spun” to be big fat mean lesbian Rosie (if the big fat sensible shoe fits, Rosie) picking on poor little Elisabeth. How convenient. She then did not even finish out her contract and simply took her toys and went home in a huff. Typical. As is the fact that she is evidently *still* in a big, old huff. Dude, Rosie… Let. It. Go. Or don’t, as it is entertaining. Just know that I’m totally laughing AT you and not WITH you.

My personal favorite part of the old cat fight actually happened after the meow fest. Alicia Silverstone, who I also dislike intensely because she is a PETA activist and a vegan, was the first guest. She smirked at Elisabeth and then snubbed her. Hugged and gushed over everyone else and pointedly walked right past Elisabeth. Ah, the tolerance, professionalism and maturity of the Left on show for all to see once again.

Watch the clip below for some awesome flashback memories. Good times, Good times.

Priceless. The split screen action is pure GENIUS. Kudos View producer.


Huh. Weird. Don’t recall Senators calling Rosie Un-American, evil mongering, part of an angry mob or a “Political Terrorist” for her daily rants against George Bush, including arguing that September 11th was an inside job. I suppose it was because she had that whole not dressing too well… or not looking nice for that matter… down pat.

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