Old Man Defends Property and Lives?! How Awful, sneers the Associated Press

I read about the following over at the always astute VodkaPundit. Not only does it serve to illustrate media stealth bias, but it also shines light on attitudes too prevalent in our society today… personal responsibility? That’s hogwash!

Shopkeeper ‘didn’t want to shoot’ robbers**

2 suspects dead, 2 injured after 72-year-old opens fire in New York City

NEW YORK – The sidewalk outside the Harlem store still was smeared with blood Friday, and the glass on the door still was blown out.

Above the entrance, someone had scribbled the words, “Abandon hope all ye who enter here.”

Less than 24 hours after a deadly showdown at the shop worthy of a Clint Eastwood script, Charles “Gus” Augusto Jr. entered his store — oblivious of the inscription taken from Dante’s “Inferno…..[snip]

“Opens Fire”! Smeared with blood! “Abandon hope”. Icky Clint Eastwood! “oblivious”!

If you read the article, even the “reporter” admits that Augusto, Jr. fired a warning shot. That the thugs ignored. After they pistol whipped one of Augusto’s employees. And demanded the cash. In, you know, a criminal act.

Yet, he “opened fire” as if he was some frenzied psychopath. Smearing blood everywhere like that oh-so-evil gun guy Eastwood. However, he’s also “oblivious”; a cuckoo pants, clueless, senile old man. Likely a dum-dum as well (Dante’s Inferno? What’s that? One of those poem things?) Reminiscent of how George Bush was an evil genius, yet simultaneously an utter dunce. Cognitive dissonance is fun!

Two of the young men died on the street. Two remained hospitalized in stable condition with gunshot wounds.

On Friday, pedestrians were still sidestepping pools of blood along Augusto’s block on West 125th Street, a short walk from Bill Clinton’s Harlem office.

Reactions to the shooting were mixed.

Frida Rodriguez called it “a sad day” for the neighborhood.

Augusto “was defending his work, his business, so you could perceive that as being heroic,” she said. “But on the other hand, these kids died.

The shopkeeper was coy when asked whether, with his shotgun confiscated, he had a backup.

“I’m not going to tell you that,” he said.

The “young men”. POOLS of blood. Gratuitous Bill Clinton reference. Could “perceive” as heroic… but the KIDS died! Coy.

Young men… um, I would call them criminals or thugs. I repeat, they pistol-whipped an employee, demanded cash and shoved *their* guns in another employee’s face.

And ignored a warning shot.

Yet the media focuses on the icky POOLS of blood, meant to bring to mind senseless, mindless carnage.

Could “perceive” as heroic… but the KIDS died! : Some nutty nuts *might* think he’s heroic, but of course he isn’t because They’re Just Kids! What about The Children (TM Thingie)?!

Then, the “oblivious” old man dares to be “coy” ( sneaky evil defender of his own property who refuses to share his pie. Or give up his life.) about whether or not he has another weapon with which to defend himself, his employees and his livelihood. A weapon he has every right to have, if you are cuckoo enough to follow that pesky old document, The Constitution of The United States of America.

The criminals died due to their own actions. Contrary to popular belief, personal responsibility works like that… YOUR actions decide your fate.

No, I’m not glad that anyone died … but I will not apologize for the fact that I *am* glad that Mr. Augusto and his employees LIVED. And they lived thanks to Mr. Augusto, his quick thinking, his bravery in both self-defense and in defending his employees’ lives. I’m certain that to the families of his employees.. people who were committing NO criminal act, who were simply doing their jobs in order to earn an honest living… he IS a hero.

He is to me as well.

And if you disagree with me, I offer the words of the evil Clint Eastwood: Get Off My Lawn! (I’m not certain that is actually an Eastwood line. However, he does say it in my mind. Often)

**: Evidently, the original headline when the AP first posted the story is even more blatant and read: “Elderly Vigilante’ instead of “shopkeeper”


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