We, the once silent, People

I posted the following blog earlier today:

Guess it was OK to be an “angry mob” and “Nazi-like” in ’06; if you are a Democrat, of course

Remember this State of the Union address? The Democrats gave themselves a standing ovation for shutting down debate and blocking legislation for CHANGE. For reform of Social Security.

Funny how that works. They are to be lauded when they truly are astroturfing, funded by icky nicely dressed men and evil corporations and refusing to even *discuss* anything like obstinate, bratty children crossing their arms and holding their breath.

We, the people, on the other hand, choose to question and discuss.. on our own.. with no George Soros backing us. And for that, we are called thug-like Nazis. Why? Because Shut Up. (And George Bush. Incidentally often referred to by the Left as BusHitler. I find all these Nazi and Hitler comparisons vile and extremely offensive.  And I’m *rarely* offended by anything. Except for maybe Janeane Garofalo)

What a brave, new World.

And received the following comment on it:

In the past, I would’ve chalked this whole thing up to typical party politics played by both sides: back and forth they go and little by little the principles of the Constitution are eroded by the tide of an expanding government and a more corrupt and incestuous party system.

But this is different. This is our own government enlisting it’s union muscle (a convenient tool) to suppress and intimidate common citizens of this country. They reply that it’s the “brownshirts” (typical liberal imagery of anyone not agreeing with them being nazis)who are intimidating elected officials and stifling dialogue. What dialogue? They don’t want a discussion of two different positions. They seek only a debate as to what degree their agenda gets advanced. For that matter, isn’t it better for the politician to be intimidated by the people rather the alternative…regardless of the “party”? These folks at the town halls are not singling out and attacking individuals, they are acting against a government. Well, Newton was right: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The government and it’s actions against individuals have proven it.

The saddest part of all this, and maybe this is what has me so concerned, is that these newly engaged (newly awakened) citizens are me, my friends, my mom and my dad. People who have done nothing their whole lives but do what is right (and in some aspects what they were told). People who have worked hard without complaint, without expecting anything in return. People who never once thought about not paying their taxes. People who served their country the best they could in the fashion they saw fit. People who only want to live their lives without somebody looking over their shoulder.

People who the government took for granted and never once dug in their heels and slammed down their fists and said “NO MORE. NOT ONE DAMN BIT MORE!”…until now.

I see the direction this is going. And I hope it changes because it is very, very ugly.

I’m giving it it’s own platform, as it illustrates a major point that I attempted to make in the original post on which the comment was left, and here, and here, and it does so beautifully. “Regular” people, those never before “politically” engaged, ARE so now. It is why I believe that this, contrary to President Obama’s belief, is OUR Moment … and that we are on the edge of a frightening precipice.

The man who left the comment is an owner in a business. He works hard, as he has all his life. He asks for no hand-outs, he doesn’t posture, he simply takes action and does what needs to be done. He employs people, enriching them in ways the Government never could. He beats himself up every time he’s been forced to lay someone off of late, due to the incessant interference and constant screw-ups by the Government. The very same Government now smugly dismissing him, outrightly ridiculing and mocking him and everyone like him.

And now, HE is the mob. Before it’s too late, I hope the Government heeds his call.

The call of We, The People … who are no longer willing to be silent and blissfully apathetic.

Because Shut Up.  (Your answer to everything, plus George Bush, turned back against you. Ain’t it grand?)

And also, Because of Shut Up. No more.

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