Ssh, Listen...The Four Horsemen Arriving Via Budweiser Clydesdales

The President of the United States: Drinking Bud Light, an alleged Beer, as a solution to a Racial problem that HE created, or at least egged on, with his ridiculous, uninformed statement regarding the Gates arrest. All that keeps running through my head is the REM song “It’s The End of The World As We Know It”, which is yet another reason I’m so annoyed with you, Mr. President.

Here’s a tip: Once you ADMIT you do not have all the facts, the smart (sorry, not “Harvard smart” but regular old common sense smart) thing to do is, you know, NOT comment.

Instead, you talked out of your hind quarters and now we all have to pay for, and be subjected to, some inane Beer Summit. That doesn’t even include real beer on your part! Another tip for you: Stop pretending to be “one of The Folks”. You aren’t. You eat arugula for goodness sake. You have zero body fat; that is NOT American. But you couldn’t stop there, nooo. Now you have to make even Beer, our National drink, totally unhip.

If you must indulge in such lame exercises in “diplomacy”, on our dime, kindly just embrace your nerdiness and daintiness. Give in; sip your beer out of an aperitif glass, as you obviously prefer. At least then, your delicate pinkie held up pose won’t look so out of place. It will also give me hours and hours of snickering filled delight for which I’d be quite grateful. (The Mom Jeans and girly pitch are getting old now; I need new entertainment). If I’m going to pay, and be forced to witness, I’d at least like to be amused.

Thanks much!

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