Fatty Limbics of the World, Unite!


Just when I found myself spiraling into full-fledged anger and dismay over the state of the World in general, Janeane Garofalo plucked me from the abyss and back into the realm of amused snickering.

When I first read about her having to leave the stage due to, you know, totally sucking as a comedian, I instantly thought this (and of course twittery tweeted it, as I’m a Twit Ho):

Aww, poor wittle Garofalo. The UK audience must have all been suffering from Stockholm Syndrome

Of course, she pulled the old “It’s not you, it’s me”, which every woman knows clearly means It IS you; you suck, I’m awesome. It’s like the “apologies” from politicians: “I’m so sorry some people are too stupid to realize what I meant and got offended, even though I totally did mean what they thought I meant. But, they can’t *really * know that because they are dum-dums and I am super smart”

Sorry, Janeane. My fatty limbic sees right through your facade (Yes, I know what that fancy pants word means too, even though I’m a bitter, evil, “from the sticks” Conservative.)

Just as amusing was her claim that there are no “Left media outlets”? Methinks someone may want to check out her own limbic system. And check on Olbermann and Matthews; they’ll be crushed to know that their fellow provider of HE-larious “tea bag” jokes doesn’t even watch their network, apparently.

I’ve also now realized that I’m totally taking back the phrase Stockholm Syndrome and turning it into a positive. Have y’all seen the chicks in Sweden? HOT. Thus, I think we Conservative dames should take it as a huge compliment. It would serve to confuse and bamboozle Janeane even further, as she clearly doesn’t have first-hand knowledge of what it means to be an attractive woman.

In short, thanks Janeane! For all the super nice compliments and for giving me my snicker back. Much appreciated.