Not One Penny More!

When the democrats get involved in trying to reduce debt and deficit, it always involves increasing taxes or creating new ones. When it’s the republicans’ turn, it always comes down to cutting programs. The best part is that both sides accuse the other of refusing to compromise. In the meantime, there are gross inefficiencies that exist within the structure of government spending that continue unabated while both parties try and score points by taking potshots at each other. While all this is going on, our bloated disgusting system continues to squeeze the lifeblood out of our economy by pilfering pennies from every tax dollar passing through each successive layer of unnecessary bureaucracy. I’ve got news for democrats…the problem is not the republicans. Before getting a big smile on your face republicans, it’s not democrats’ fault either. There are solutions sitting right in front of us, but rather than solving problems, both parties would rather take polls and generate rhetoric to curry favor among swing voters.

The amount of waste is simply breathtaking! Right now, we are giving tax breaks and subsidies to oil companies, solar companies, natural gas companies and every energy producing industry in the country. We are even paying FULL PRICE for prescription drugs through the Medicare program. That’s right, the largest single purchaser of prescription drugs in the entire world is paying full price, when you can buy discount card from the internet or television and get a 50% discount right now! Social programs are even worse. Despite the fact that it is usually incorporated into neighborhoods with the highest vacancy and eviction rates, the Section 8 housing program is paying rents that exceed area norms by easily 15%. There are 49,000,000 people on food stamps, yet there has been no effort made to incorporate store “club cards” and manufacturer’s coupons into the program. I saved 20% on my groceries just yesterday! Using coupons and club cards to save a mere $10 per week saves the taxpayers over $20 Billion per year (5X The Buffett Rule!). Every single contract given to private contractors for government work is funneled to companies paying “prevailing wage”, and taxpayers foot the bill.

How can we Americans argue over whether or not we should increase taxes on anyone? It’s our money, and there has to be some accountability. Even when we were children, if we blasted through our allowance halfway through the week, our parents weren’t going to give us more money if we spent it frivolously. That’s exactly what the federal government is doing. Every once in a while, we will hear a story about a celebrity or athlete whose financial advisor absconded with millions of dollars by taking advantage of the trust that had been given them by their employer. Although we inevitably sympathize with the aggrieved party, there is always discussion about how they could have let that happen. We wonder why the person so capable of earning these large sums of money could be so cavalier as to not pay even a modicum of attention to its well-being. Yet here we are doing the exact same thing. We have put people in charge of the treasury, and they are using it to buy voting blocks with our cash. As American citizens and taxpayers, it is our responsibility to demand more. Let our elected officials get together and figure out how to make the system run a little better before asking for more money. Then, and only then, can we consider an increase in taxes, because right now, we are just throwing more wood into the fireplace without even making sure that we’ve closed the windows first!

Happy Memorial Day. Thank you to those who gave their lives that their countrymen may live in liberty!