The Time For Citizen Legislators

We broke the system. The original idea of our democratic republic is long gone. Our beloved republic is becoming the very tyrannical central government that led to its creation in the first place. The system with which we are left, is one based upon career politicians raiding the treasury for re-election and higher office. With the drunken disregard of a gambler playing with colorful chips rather than real dollars, they run up our debt without the slightest thought of what it does to the future of our nation. We are now witnessing the graphic results of this kind of behavior. It is costing us our freedom, and it absolutely must stop.

Our founding fathers envisioned a country where men were recruited by their fellow citizens to serve their nation. Legislators were to serve out their term; and (Based upon their success or failure) either move to a higher office, or resume their former life. Interestingly enough, it allowed for these individuals to actually reap what they had sewn. Rather than living their entire lives in the political bubble of Washington, they would be forced to exist within the system they helped create. Much like military service, one left public office enriched for the experience accompanied by the gratitude of their nation.

I believe that the time to act is now. At no point in American history, have Congressional approval ratings been so low. Creating term limits for Congress is an idea whose time has come. I would propose that all individuals elected to Congress be limited to no more than two terms in office. Additionally, as they are forced to be constantly campaigning by their abbreviated two year terms, members of The House of Representatives would have the length of their term doubled to encompass four years. This would allow the American people the freedom to know that our daily lives were not being run by career politicians, but by citizens who must live within the same system as those for whom they legislate.