Gambler In Chief

We all know the guy. He’s the one with money on every game, every Sunday. You know, he’s the one who takes your remote and changes back and forth between games with dizzying speed hanging on every last second; because he The Giants to kick one more field goal to cover, or The Bears to get that last big stop so they can run out the clock. Every week, he tells you how much he wins and how he’s taking his bookie to the cleaners. The problem is that he is the same guy asking if he can borrow a few grand, or selling stuff that he “doesn’t need anymore”. As it turns out, he’s also the President of the United States!

Yesterday, the “Gambler In Chief” was at it again. Like a husband who lost the mortgage payment telling his wife about the two games he won, and glossing over the six that he lost, he stepped behind his podium, looked up at his teleprompter and told the American people that the economy created 115,000 jobs last week, and the unemployment number dropped to 8.1%. He touted these numbers as victories despite the fact that 300,000 frustrated Americans had actually given up looking for work, skewing the figure downward by no longer being part of the calculation. His complete lack of honesty with the American people is truly breathtaking.

I feel like each and every time I listen to anything coming out of the President’s mouth, I have to fact check it. I do this, not because he is lying, but because I know I am only getting part of the story. Not only is the unemployment rate higher than when he was sworn in to office, but there are more eligible workers who have left the workforce. When a man can stand in front of the entire country and speak half-truths that can turn defeats into perceived victories, it makes me angry. When people believe them, it makes me shudder. I just hope that the country can figure out the truth before the “Gambler In Chief” gets us so far behind that we not only lose the house, but we lose our nation.