GOP Congress Can't Fall For Obama's Parlor Tricks!

Student loan interest rates are set to increase from 3.5% to 6.8% this July. The fact is that we really can’t afford for them to do so. As a conservative, I have to say that I think they probably should increase. At some point in time, we are going to have to start exercising some restraint with our spending. We begin that era January of 2013. For if we try now, we will surely fail.

As conservatives, we must focus squarely on our goal. We are playing in the most important chess game that our country may have ever seen, and we must not make the mistake of underestimating our opponent. At the end of January, President Obama put out a video expressing his desire to use more executive orders to bypass congress. In the past few days, it has started to really get publicized. Today, he gave a speech to students about reaching out to Congress to suspend the interest rate increase with his newest hash tag #DontDoubleMyRate.

I implore our strategists to see what our opposition is doing here. Barack Obama is showing dramatic weakness in younger voters. Those who haven’t changed sides, are s disillusioned as to likely vote at a much lower rate than 2008. He is seeking to have the GOP Congress green light the rate increase in order to use an executive order to suspend the increase on his own to re-energize that youth vote. He has set it up as plainly as if he posted a giant neon sign on the Washington Monument!

This is only the beginning. The president and his allies will continue to attempt to divide individual voter groups and pander to them utilizing whatever means necessary to garner their votes. He will use executive orders to bypass Congress on issues that he, himself, created, his allies in the media and Hollywood will put every little concept under the microscope to make mountains of molehills to deflect from the real problems of our country and he will shamefully rob the treasury of funds we can ill afford to spend. As sad as it is, we must put principles aside to make sure that it’s Romney’s hand on that Bible next year, because our great nation may well perish if we do not.