Writing Off Capital Expenses Is NOT A Taxpayer Subsidy!

Dear Mr. President:

On the way in to work this morning, I was listening to you discuss your new strategy for lowering gas prices. Although I must say that I agree with the idea of increasing margin requirements for speculators, what really struck me was your use of disingenuous language in describing the money that oil companies write off for research and exploration as “spending taxpayer dollars to subsidize oil companies”. I don’t necessarily like the idea that these corporations are in a position to avoid taxes on that money, but they are entitled to the same rights as any other U.S. corporations for the same kind of spending. Regardless, that is not the point. As President, you owe our country a debt of honesty, and you sir are failing in that responsibility.

What I am getting at is that purposeful use of language that is both inflammatory and SIMPLY NOT TRUE is far beneath your station! If it were an accurate statement about what happens with the tax system, I could say, “I don’t feel that the American Taxpayer should be comfortable subsidizing monetary gifts to line the pockets of President Obama’s children. The Obama’s made over three quarters of a million dollars last year, and nearly double that the year before. I don’t know that we need to reach into the pocket of the middle class to give their children tens of thousands of dollars.” Although my statement uses the same logic you did and the tax returns that you made public last week, the fact is that it is just an ugly incendiary lie!

Mr. President, there is a difference between political spin and outright lies.  As a Harvard educated attorney, constitutional law professor and President of the United States of America, I have strong suspicions that you know the difference. I am a real estate broker and, although I have the responsibility to my sellers to paint their property in the best possible light, there are strict rules and regulations about fair and honest dealing to which I must adhere. I propose that you take your responsibility to the children of this country more seriously. Whether you are trying to rally public support for this new energy strategy or attempting to blame “The Boogieman” in the form of speculators for increasing oil and gas prices, please have the class to do it honestly. My kids are watching.