Screaming Republicans

Anytime I receive a political email from “Jay the Janitor” (a liberal leaning friend who calls himself an Independent) my instinct is to hit the delete button.  Recently, I actually read the liberal diatribe contained therein.  It was an op-ed by Paul Krugman – the “Conscience of a Liberal” Krugman.  Jay did not add anything to the discussion.  He simply told me and the others he copied “happy reading.”  I’m sure he smiled as he hit the send button.  It’s time for Jay to stop smiling.

Krugman in his “Bigger than Bush” piece encourages President-Elect Obama to expand the size of government and accuses Republicans of being whiners and fundamentally racists.  I doubt if Jay believes that the government is the answer to all of our problems or that Republicans are fundamentally racists.  If Republicans are whining, it is about the subject of Mr. Krugman’s article – George Bush – they are whining about.

Krugman contends that Republicans are complaining that the failures of the Bush Administration were a matter of dumb luck.  To the contrary, the failings of the Bush Administration were the results of bad policy.  Not only were President Bush’s major initiative bad, they were liberal government growing policies and his sidekick is someone that Mr. Krugman aligns with ideologically – Ted Kennedy.  No Child Left Behind – written by Ted Kennedy and George Bush.  Immigration Reform – written by Ted Kennedy and George Bush.  Prescription Drugs – written by Ted Kennedy and George Bush.  I say to Mr. Krugman and Jay, the squeals you hear are not whines, those are screaming voices gone hoarse from yelling at Ted Kennedy and George Bush for proving what Republicans new all long, bigger government means bigger problems.

Krugman without any background information to support his diatribe accuses Republicans of being racist.  His fundamental premise is that Republicans are holding minorities back through tax cuts.  Even Krugman cannot believe this himself.  Krugman hints that Republicans have been fighting against Civil Rights and Voting Rights, but leaves out the fact that Republicans were responsible for passing both, not Democrats.

Krugman also criticizes Republicans because Chip Saltsman of the famous “Barack the Magic Negro” is one of six people trying to become Chairman of the RNC.  This guilt by association is not something Mr. Krugman embraced when the aforementioned Ted Kennedy called Janice Rogers Brown, an African American judicial nominee, a Neanderthal.  As an aside, Jay forgot to email me about this as well.  Mr. Saltsman can join the list of stupid Republicans, but please don’t cross the racial barrier line for the entire party.

Indeed, I say to Mr. Krugman and Jay, it was not the Republicans who took the role of George Wallace today and stood in the trenches between the Senate Chambers to deny the only African American duly appointed his post in the Senate.  Everyone knows that the Senate has routinely overlooked the missing signature from the Secretary of State and that there are no legal grounds to deny Roland Burris his corrupt appointed seat.

Mr. Krugman even rejected the Reagan philosophy that government is not the solution to our problem but the problem.  I say the Mr. Krugman and Jay, that’s the way George Bush has governed from No Child Left Behind to the current bailouts.  The Bush Administration did bring us a string of bad luck.  The bad was Bush and the luck was Ted Kennedy getting most of his liberal policies.  That’s not a whine you hear.  That’s me and others who have lost our voices still trying to yell, “Remember Reagan.”