Republicans Problem -- Misplaced Passion

There are many problems with the Republican Party, but I’ve stumbled upon the most problematic one — misplaced passion.

On January 20th, 168 individuals will cast a vote to elect the next Chairman of the RNC.  Normally this selection is made behind closed doors with very little, if any, fanfare.  This year, six candidates have engaged each other in debate, challenged each others credentials and filled out questionnaires about their qualifications.  They all want to lead the Republicans back.

What have we required of theses individuals?  We have asked them to promise to be fiscally responsible, morally responsible and party leaders not dividers.  This is not something we, or I should say those who voted for him, required of McCain when he was selected to be the Republican Presidential nominee. Indeed, we knew that outside of being somewhat fiscally responsible, McCain would fail us.

These are not standards we require of members of the party, who actually hold certificates of election and can actually cast votes to influence policies that really matter. Insert here your own list of liberal Republicans who would reject at least 50% of the Republican Platform we are holding the potential RNC Chairman accountable for.

The only question missing from the the RNC Chairman debate that really matters is this “when you spot a Democrat in Republican clothing, will you strip the emperor of his robe?” Half of those contending would probably talk about how we need a broad tent.  That broad tent is part of our misplaced passion. If Republicans continue to look at numbers instead of principles, they will continue to flounder in the minority.  Two of the remaining three would probably agree that we don’t need a big tent, but wouldn’t put rubber to the road to back say Pat Toomey versus Arlen Specter in a primary race.  The final one, whoever that might be, will not be selected and even if he is, it is no added measure to leading Republicans back.

I’m tired of discussions about web 1.0 and 2.0.  I’m tired of discussions about changing the image of the party.  I’m tired of the Republican party focusing on the flash instead of the finality.  The Chairman of the RNC is a flash.  The individuals who hold certificates of election represent our final hope and that’s where our passions should be.  Holding the Chairman of the RNC accountable on anything other than disrobing the emperor is worthless.  Not supporting individuals for election who don’t adhere to the platform we create, is priceless.