Graham Hack Attacks DeMint Supporter

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Kettle, meet Pot. Or, as he’s known in South Carolina, Adam Fogle.  In a poorly sourced and potentially libelous attack on a professor at Clemson University , little-known blogger Adam Fogle demonstrates once again that Hell hath no wrath like a paid hack scorned.

At PalmettoScoop.com, a thinly trafficked blog that follows South Carolina Politics, Fogle this morning accused Clemson professor James David Woodard of taking bribes in exchange for praising Sen. Jim DeMint and bashing Sen. Lindsey Graham.  “Professor May Be Running ‘Quotes for Hire’ Racket at Clemson University,” Fogle blared.  Woodard co-authored a book with Sen. DeMint and previously served as a consultant for several South Carolina lawmakers, including DeMint in 1998, Lindsey Graham in 1994, and Rep. Gresham Barrett in 2002.  Something must be amiss when a so-called conservative like Fogel frets that academia is just too darn supportive of conservatives.

Fogle’s proof of Woodard’s guilt in a seedy “pay-to-say” consists of the fact that…Woodard used to work as a consultant for DeMint.  In 1998.  But how would that explain Woodard’s attacks on Graham?  “[W]hen Graham stopped paying [Woodard] as a consultant, Woodard suddenly became his biggest and harshest critic,” answers Fogle.  Unfortunately for Fogel, Woodard’s praise for DeMint continued long after his work for him ended, suggesting that Woodard’s real crime against Graham isn’t that he’s on the take; it’s that he didn’t stay bought.  And staying bought is something Adam Fogle knows a lot about.

Enter Richard Quinn, the father of former South Carolina House Majority Leader Rick Quinn and a long-time political consultant of Sen. Lindsey Graham.  Quinn also owns Mail Marketing Strategies (MMS) in Columbia, S.C. While Adam Fogle would like his ones of readers to believe his day job consists of running Palmetto Scoop, he actually works for Quinn, the Graham confidante.  According to an October 2007 online archive entry for Newsweek , “Adam Fogle is a 23-year-old account for Mail Marketing Strategies […] where he works in a Web-based capacity to assist the firm’s state and local clients in developing Websites [sic], utilizing multimedia content and achieving other Internet-oriented goals.” Palmetto Scoop is also rumored throughout the state to be owned and operated by Quinn, which would explain why candidates currently paying Quinn (Graham, McMaster, Wilson) receive glowing coverage from the site, while those who refuse to grease Quinn’s palm (DeMint, Barrett) receive only scorn.

Fogle’s main problem thus lies not in professor Dave Woodard or his beliefs about Lindsey Graham, but in the fact that he is the junior web lackey for one of Graham’s top consultants, a consultant with a laundry list of past offenses that would make even the most unprincipled hack blush.  People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones (or use the bathroom), and untalented hacks-on-the-take like Fogle most certainly shouldn’t invent stories or feign outrage about others doing the same.  Hypocrisy, thy name is Fogle.