Obama - Education Reformer?

Today Obama unveield his Education Plan in an attempt to blunt the Palin affect: he’s trying to get the women’s vote. But of all the issues to pander – this is one in which he actually has experience… and it’s not that good!

Let’s look at the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. He was handpicked by William Ayers to be the Chairman of the Board. However, this is less about his association with Ayers than his less than stellar history of education reform. In less than 5 years the CAC spent $100 Million dollars in an effort to assist failing Chicago schools. According to the CAC’s own 3-year progress report, they moved from traditional funding to strategic funding – meaning they formulated their own programs rather than fund the ideas from the outside.

MIND YOU they did not fund all schools in Chicago, but concentrated their money on specific schools. At the end of 5 years and $100 MILLION (half of it public funding) the CAC’s independent review found that there was no appreciable difference in improvement between CAC funded schools and non-funded schools. As I said half was public funding – the other half was a challenge from Ambassador Walter Annenberg (deceased). Guess who the current President of Annenberg Foundation is supporting? Lee Annenberg is supporting John McCain – and no wonder considering Obama frittered away her husband’s generous gift to Chicago. Obama is making a big mistake if he is burnishing his education creds.

This is going to be a bad week for Obama. And dare I say it… this one may sink him. It demonstrates his penchant for wasting taxpayer’s money as well as his utter failure in the field of education reform… what he did to Chicago schools, he is now posed to do to America!