Tommy Boy the sequel

As a big Chris Farley fan, I thought that Black Sheep was the poorly made sequel to Tommy Boy. I am wrong

As time goes on, the hilarious one liners that Chris and David would  articulate seem to pale in comparison to what is coming out in this administration. “Police acted stupidly”, “No I haven’t actually read the Arizona Law”,

And one of my favorites ” We will have to pass it so we can see what is in it.” So either Obama’s election was a way for the Hollywood elites to make a sequel that; they couldn’t lose money on, we all have to watch, and they still benefit from, or it is just another Harold and Kumar goes to White Castle flick.

What is the over under that KSM will enter the court room to ” FAT GUY in an ORANGE Coat ”
(sung to fat guy in a little coat by Chris Farley)  this post was in no way written to disparage the great Chris Farley.