A Must Win Election For The Democratic Party

A flurry of commentary and polling have permeated the airwaves in the final days of this national campaign.

Republicans are nervous about polling, electoral maps, and congressional seats. Dare we bring up the topic of another possible route in November? Democrats, used to screwing it up, are not used to winning. They are nervously willing Barack Obama to the White House…….hoping……maybe even praying.

Those I run into ask if I am nervous about a Republican defeat and what it will mean for the country. Politics is important and everyone should be involved. However, my hope does not rise and fall with who occupies what office. Thankfully…..America is bigger than that.

Let’s be frank…… McCain still has a legitimate shot at winning though he will need help in the coming days. McCain is not a favorite of conservatives, yet, his choice of Governor Palin has engineered a chance. I know many political pundits, including myself, considered this impossible last spring and McCain has made strides to put our party with a chance to win.

Consider these facts on why the Democrats must win:

  • Barack Obama has raised more cash than any candidate in history. He is out spending McCain three to one on every political battle front. Obama has moved into traditionally Republican states given his large fundraising advantage and has made progress in the polls. SIDENOTE: The refusal to accept public campaign finance laws is ironic, in that, it could send the man who championed finance laws back to Arizona.

  • Democrats are nervous about Obama’s less than stellar finish in the primary, and let’s not forget Joe “The Mouth” Biden. The polls have been slipping and the “liberal” tag used by Republicans is starting to gain traction given gaffs by Biden.

  • The war and economy are still VERY unpopular. The bad memory of rhino Republicans, scandals, and less than conservative fiscal policy still linger in the minds of a betrayed electorate.

  • President Bush, fairly or unfairly, remains unpopular because of the long war and financial crisis.

All that said………. the election is close. If Democrats cannot win in this environment they should consider packing it in officially. In fact, the resulting loss would lead to a fracture within the party that would be worse than what Republicans are currently going through.

The ensuing engagement of the leftist and more radical elements of the Democratic Party would be painful on November 5th. I know prominent conservative democrats on the national level that feel this has gone unaddressed for to long, however, Democrats need to win this election or the ensuing battle will be bloody.

A Democrat loss would be a disaster for the party. McCain can finally give conservatives something to root for at long last!!