How Does Hillary Look Now?

During the primary season, I laid out the case for Hillary Clinton winning the nomination. At the time the McCain campaign was lifeless; Clinton’s opponent was ONLY “clean, bright, and articulate,” and so it looked like a DNC romp in November.

Stunningly Obama’s organization in little known caucus states (that vote Republican in a general election) allowed him to ride early momentum to the nomination. An amazing victory that caught everyone by surprise considering Clinton had great organization in the must win blue states. The big states.

The theme of “change” resonated so loudly that Hillary Clinton was removed from VP consideration.

“Change” was coming!

Enter John McCain, in uncharacteristically savvy fashion, as he went panning for Palin in the great state of Alaska. The pick solidified the conservative base and her convention speech was perfect television.

McCain had just raised Obama’s “change” theme by going all-in with a “reform” theme. A stroke of political genius in that everyone hates government. Plus, the only thing better than one Maverick railing against the machine; is two.

The Obama campaign reaction weeks later: “clueless”.

They have let Republicans hammer-away for over a week without a coherent response. The polls have McCain leading nationwide in the polls, and Barack Obama looks less presidential than ever. The confident swagger looks a bit more like a stagger according to old time Democrats out here. They are nervous.

So my open ended question is: “How Does Hillary Look Now?” Does any Democrat think that McCain’s pick of Palin (or anyone else) would have knocked the Clinton campaign off its stride as we have witnessed with the Obama campaign? The Mayor thinks otherwise.

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