America's Small City Mayor's

Written by The Mayor
September 2008

It was shocking to see the statistics on viewership for Governor Palin’s address to the nation.

The Associated Press reported that over 40 million people viewed the event. It is apparently two to three million more than watched Obama’s convention speech. Anytime the vice-presidential candidate dwarfs the leading nominee of either party: that is noteworthy.

In a strategic sense McCain’s pick creates buzz and fresh focus for voters. The quick wit and biography on display are small town stories that resonate loud in heartland America. McCain just gave himself a key advantage the democrats have conceded.

I will tip my hat to the McCain Team for turning around a ship that only a few short months ago was taking on water and looked to be lost. The latest polls have both conventions over with the polls split evenly and the electoral map in deadlock.

The Palin choice gives the RNC a shot at an important demographic that Obama will have trouble with until the end of the campaign.

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