Some thoughts on how the GA GOP should respond to "new" voter registrants

Photo Courtesy of Salena Zito

We’ve all seen the stories about Democrats urging people to move to Georgia, so they can vote in the January Senate runoffs.  I thought it might be useful to start a diary, to solicit suggestions on how the Georgia GOP should respond to any wave of “new” Georgia residents and voter registrants in November and December.  Comment and info welcome.

I had two thoughts:

  • At one time, Pennsylvania allowed Michael Bloomberg to pay for lawyers to work on issues that he liked (e.g., gun control) on behalf of the state government.  The Bloomberg lawyers and staffers would do the research and hard leg work, then pass the results to Pennsylvania state attorneys to prosecute.  Couldn’t Trump or other GOP doners (or a GoFundMe) do the same thing for Georgia.
  • I don’t know Georgia election law—it’s been years since I lived there.  But, I would imagine that voter registration databases contain contact info (names, phone numbers, addresses) for newly registered voters.  I’m presuming that information is public record.  Fine!
    • The Georgia GOP should find and go visit those folks.  (They should be easy to find.  Simply search the registration databases for people who’ve newly registered since Election Day).  Get to know them!  Get to know what they look like!  Notice if a house which, according to local tax records has two residents, suddenly has eight new people who “just” moved in.  People who are working remotely on jobs based out-of-state.
    • The Georgia GOP should announce a “Welcome Wagon” project, so that new arrivals will know that someone will come looking for them.  This might make woke millenials, who might be pondering a temporary “move” to Georgia to vote for Ossoff or Warnock, think twice about it.  It’s a lot easier to get caught and prosecuted for a felony, if people know who you are.  And, it’s a lot harder to hold a nice job if you have a felony conviction on your record.

We all know that it’s important to donate and volunteer.  (The Loeffler campaign lets you volunteer to make calls.  I anticipate the GOP will set up something like “Trump Talk” so that out-of-staters can make calls for Perdue and Loeffler).  What are your thoughts on these suggestions?  Do you have any others?