Kyrsten Sinema, Dem Darling of the Conservative Blogosphere, Sticks A Knife in Martha McSally's Back

Kyrsten Sinema, Dem Darling of the Conservative Blogosphere, Sticks A Knife in Martha McSally's Back
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Kyrsten Sinema, the freshman Democrat Senator from Arizona, has gotten plenty of kudos from conservatives and Republicans for her “refreshing” bipartisanship.  She seems to have quite a fan club on the conservative blogs.

Well, it’s election season, and how is Kyrsten Sinema treating her Senate colleague, Republican Martha McSally?  She’s calling her a liar.

If there was any doubt, U.S. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona is making it clear she’d rather be serving alongside fellow Democrat Mark Kelly than Republican Sen. Martha McSally.

In a scathing ad released over the weekend in support of the challenger, Sinema accused McSally of “false attacks” that are “desperate and over the top.”

The video came out Saturday, three days before Arizona’s U.S. Senate candidates square off Tuesday in their only scheduled debate.

“Arizonans know that Martha McSally will say anything to get elected,” Sinema says in a video Kelly posted to social media Saturday. “Her false attacks against me were desperate and over the top.

“Now she’s doing the same to Mark Kelly. But Martha’s worst lies are the ones about her own record.”

That ad is still running, by the way.  I’ve seen it three times already today, here in Tucson.  Rest assured that it will run, over and over and over again, until Election Day.

This is the “bipartisan” Senator that so many conservative pundits praised?  Now, because of that praise, Synema can tout her “bipartisan” creds.  The Democrat-friendly press in Tucson and Phoenix, all of whom want Kelly to win, can now claim that Synema has special gravitas, because so many conservatives think highly of her.

I’ll stipulate that McSally isn’t a great candidate.  But it certainly doesn’t help her campaign to have to deal with a critic (Synema) that can now sport a Conservative Blogosphere Seal of Approval.  We have made Synema a more powerful, potent critic of McSally.

Perhaps we should think twice before doing this again?




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