Trump Bites the Hands Feeding Him---and Feeds the Hands Biting Him

President Donald Trump delivers remarks to the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly, Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2019, in New York. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Attention Trump 2020 Financial Team.  The folks out there who text me, asking for money for Trump 2020, everytime the Democrats or MSM do something silly or juvenile.

Stop texting me.  I’m not sure I can afford it to donate to you anymore.

I am a defense contractor.  The DOD contracting agency wrote our contract in such a way that it’s real easy for the DOD to justify not paying us.

For example, when President Trump declared a federal holiday for Christmas Eve, much of the DOD responded by announcing plans to shut their facilities for the day.  Well, under a whole bunch of DOD contracts (and, I suppose, those of other federal agencies, too), if the federal facility is closed…the contractors can’t come to work.  And, apparently, these contracts are written in such a way that the federal government can justify not paying the contractors.  They’re also written in such a way that it’s hard (if not impossible) to make up missed work hours.  Especially if you get less than a week’s notice, just before the Christmas holidays.

So, you have people who want to work, but can’t.  Result:  an unpaid day for lots of folks.  And, lots of those folks are avid Trump supporters.  Who receive your fundraising texts, over and over again.

Lots of my coworkers support you.  But we’re also Dave Ramsey people.  We budget carefully for our expenses, to include Christmas.  We count on every dollar.

Some of us are now looking at the Christmas presents we put under the trees, and wonder if we should have saved that money instead for the electric bill.

Meanwhile, federal employees—many of whom work for or support the Deep State, and happily donate to the Democrats, get a paid day off.

Team Trump/Pence 2020—you are literally feeding the hand that bites you, while biting the hands that have been feeding you with donations.  Y’all DID think this through, right?

Well, we’re entering winter.  Federal facilities often close in bad winter weather.  It appears that I’m going to have to save up some money, to defray the costs of future facility closings. And future gifts by President Trump, to the people who most loathe him and want him out of office.

For that reason, the next time you send me a fundraising text, I’ll have to send you my best wishes instead.