What is the possibility of Alabama delaying its special election?

Republicans could delay Alabama election to pressure Moore to quit

“State law gives the governor broad authority to set the date of special elections, and Ms. Ivey, who is a Republican, already rescheduled the Senate election once, after inheriting the governor’s office in April when her predecessor, Robert Bentley, resigned in a sex and corruption scandal. Ms. Ivey’s advisers have not ruled out exercising that power again, according to Republicans in touch with her camp, but she has signaled that she would like reassurances of support from the White House before taking such an aggressive step.”

If this is feasible…heck, if this is shameful-but-still-legal…then I’m all for this.

Roy Moore may be innocent.  But he is a shambling mess of a public figure.  There is no need for the GOP to risk a Senate seat to accommodate him.  His interview on Sean Hannity last night was his chance to wow everyone, to convince us that he’s worth sticking with.  Apparently he wow-ed no one.

I’ll bet the Democrats and MSM won’t scream that loudly if the Alabama governor does this.  Because the older MSM and senior Democrats remember Robert Torricelli.  For those who don’t remember, Torricelli was a Senator from New Jersey facing reelection.  After the deadline for taking him off the NJ ballot passed, all sorts of damaging stuff came out about Torricelli.  It looked as if he might lose the election.  But, legally, the Dems couldn’t replace him.

When did that stop Democrats, especially in NJ?  They convinced state judges to make an exception to the law and replace Torricelli with Frank Lautenberg, who won.

Paulie Walnuts will be glad to go to Birmingham and explain how it all works.

Precedent set.  I recommend we use it.  Let Luther Strange spend Christmas in D.C, while Alabama works all this out.

Here’s another thought:  Offer to swap Mo Brooks for Moore.  McConnell won’t like that, but Brooks would be a lot more palatable to Moore supporters in Alabama than Luther Strange.