Does New Zealand have a beef with Israel? And how can we make the Kiwis suffer?

If I’ve followed this situation correctly:

  • Trump’s tweet most likely convinced the Egyptians to pull their anti-Israel UNSC resolution.
  • New Zealand, along with Malaysia, Senegal and Venezuela, did some political maneuvering to get the resolution back on the UNSC floor, at which point the UN gave Israel the shaft.

I recall the NZ Mission to the UN tweeting out a video of UN delegates cheering the resolution, immediately after it was passed.

So, that raises a few questions:

  1. Does New Zealand have a beef with Israel?  Do many Kiwis think of Israel, as one French diplomat famously did, as a “shitty little country?”
  2.  Why did NZ do this?
  3. How can we make the Kiwis suffer in response?

They need to own what they did.  In as public and painful a way as possible.