Looking for recommendations on a Confederate heritage organization

In the past few days, as the Confederate flag flap has accelerated to insane proportions, I’ve noticed a real “hands-off, not my concern” affair from the conservative chattering class.

“NOT MUCH TO SAY IN DEFENSE OF CONFEDERATES: But to be fair they didn’t kill a hundred million people.”  That was just posted on Instapundit by Sarah Hoyt, a conservative science fiction author.  Thank you very little, Sarah Hoyt.

On the Hugh Hewitt show this Monday, radio talker Guy Benson said (and I’m paraphrasing here) that he couldn’t really relate to why Southerners were so attached to the Confederate flag or the memories of the Confederacy.  As I listened to Guy talk, his tone of voice and language sounded similar to a anthropology professor discussing the quaint-but-puzzling antics of a primitive tribe.

I had expected a little more support from our fellow political travelers.  I’m not asking that they join the Sons of Confederate Veterans or the Daughters of the Confederacy.  But, I thought they’d at least support us in our desire to keep the memories of our ancestors from being completely besmirched.  Now, though, I’m starting to get the impression that we are in this on our own.

Let’s leave aside for the moment the reality that, when people feel that their preferred political party has left them out in the cold, said people tend to sit on their hands and wallets on Election Day.  Perhaps Mary Katherine Ham, Guy Benson’s co-author of their recently released book, who hails from the SWING state of North Carolina, can explain this to Guy.  (The sweet-sounding GOP phone bank operatives who are about to call thousands upon thousands of Southern phone numbers, asking for money and votes for 2016, might want to consider this, too).

I am confident that those of us who wish to defend the legacy of our forefathers who fought for the Confederacy can do so, if we organize.  If others are unwillng to overlook the shameful parts of my past, then we need not overlook the shameful parts in theirs.  People who wear Che Guevera t-shirts, or live on Malcom X Boulevard, or admire the statue of Panco Villa in a Tucson park, take note.

If tolerance isn’t a two-way street, then it isn’t really tolerance.

It appears we need to organize.  There is strength in numbers.  Can anyone recommend good organizations or groups that promote respect for Confederate heritage, in a positive and respectful manner?  I’m looking to join one.

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