To what extent can we excerpt a newspaper article that's behind a subscription firewall?

I think we’ve all seen the WSJ article that tells the inside story of the House GOP’s dealings with the Obama White House on the fiscal cliff discussions.

That article contains powerful stuff, that Americans need to see, about President Obama’s arrogant attitude. Key quote (but not the only good one): “You get nothing. I get that for free.”

Wow. 800 billion dollars of our money is his, for free.

Unfortunately, that WSJ article is behind a subscription firewall. Good move, WSJ. Now, the liberals can claim that we’re misquoting the article, and we can’t produce the full article to rebut them.

However, I have a WSJ online subscription. So do many of us.

On our blogs, to what extent can we reprint parts of the article? I won’t reprint the whole thing, and I’ll give full credit to the WSJ and the article’s authors, by name.

That article has powerful stuff in it. Its key parts need to be shared, widely and often.

What can, or can’t, we share?