Who wrote this?

Someone presumably draws a paycheck at the FoxNews website to write stuff like this:

Republican Rep. Peter King has officially announced he will step down as chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security.

The New York congressman must resign because of party rules that limit committee chairmanships to six years, and King has already had a one-year extension that he is now finishing.

He made the announcement Saturday to the New York Daily News, and no short list of names has emerged as a possible replacement in the Republican-controlled House. However, Alabama Rep. Mike Rogers, chairman of the Homeland Security Subcommittee on Transportation Security, has been mentioned as a potential replacement.

Should Attorney General Eric Holder resign and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano take his place, as speculated, King would appear qualified for the post. However, President Obama will likely appoint a fellow Democrat.

Ummm…DUH !!! Ya think?

Someone at FoxNews.com—an Obama voter, perhaps?—thought it was newsworthy to write that, if a Democratic President has a vacancy in a high-power* Cabinet position, he/she will likely fill it with…another Democrat.

Did I miss the news that Obama administration sources had leaked hints that the president was seriously considering House Republican Peter King to replace Janet Napolitano at Homeland Security?

A quick Google search (take note, FoxNews.com) for “peter king janet napolitano” or “peter king replace janet napolitano” produces links to plenty of stories where Rep. King castigates Secretary Napolitano. I found none, though, that show any reputable buzz—or, any buzz at all—that indicates that King’s name is being floated as a possible replacement for the DHS secretary.

Perhaps Roger Ailes should compel his staff to watch Schoolhouse Rock. Or, pass their high school government class before writing copy?

(All emphasis in the blockquote above is added).

* Update: I concede that most presidents have at least one Cabinet secretary from the other party in their cabinet. However, those “Auslanders” are normally in innocuous Cabinet departments (e.g., Transportation) or share the same mindset with the sitting president (e.g., GOP-Senator-turned-Clinton-Defense-Secretary William Cohen). IMHO DHS isn’t an innocuous Cabinet post and Peter King isn’t an Obamaphile. Ergo, I still think FoxNews.com’s mention of King as a possible replacement for Napolitano is just plain stupid.