Could Benghazi Be Our Bush DUI Story?

The MSM is downplaying the Benghazi story…even as more and more sordid details come out.

  • Only ONE of the 5 Sunday shows discussed Benghazi in any great detail.
  • How many people know what Tyler Woods’ dad has said about Joe Biden’s shockingly-insensitive comment about his son?

The beginning of this week is a bad time to try and make a huge story out of this, because of Hurricane Sandy.  The Dems are undoubtedly hoping that they can hide behind Sandy’s winds and rain—and the resulting coverage therof—until after November 6th.

I don’t think they can hide that long.  Especially if we don’t let them.

IMO the GOP and conservative New Media should plan on unloading everything we have on Benghazi on Thursday.  By then, the Sandy coverage crush should have started to abate a bit.  Thursday is a good time to open fire.

Remember how the Bush DUI story in 2000 depressed a fair amount of the Dubya vote?  This is a close election.  The Benghazi story can have the same kinds of impact on wavering or undecided voters.

Wavering and undecided voters are probably focused on the Second Perfect Storm right now.  By the end of this week, they’ll be willing to focus their attention elsewhere.  We should wait until then to make our Benghazi case to the public.