I Hope That Hugh Hewitt Doesn't Go Easy On Candy Crowley Today...

…or the next time she’s on his program.

Candy Crowley is a regular Friday guest on The Hugh Hewitt Show. Today, Hugh is asking conservatives and Republicans to ““go easy on Crowley.”

Some conservatives are upset that Romney didn’t deliver a second obviously crushing series fo blows to the president, but Romney did turn in a confident, assured performance that did not show a bit of fluster even when Candy Crowley intervened –wrongfully– to protect the president on Libya, or later interrupted his answer on Fasy & Furious. That was important as everyone sees the same debate and saw what most people will view as a home field aadvantage for the president in question selection and moderator. Romney should send Crowley roses for messing up the Libya exchange as it propels Libya to the front page tomorrow and into the public’s consciousness as not even an uninterrupted exchange would have. The media is not supposed to create the narrative, but it did, much to Romney’s benefit.

Go easy on Crowley. She made a mistake, but it wasn’t intentional and it has the unintended consequence of focusing the post-debate exactly where it should be and far, far removed from any nonsense.

I’m an addicted Hugh Hewitt listener…but I must disagree here. “Go easy” on her? Why? The MSM EXPECTS conservatives and Republicans to “go easy” on them…but they don’t go easy on us.

Remember the CNN/YouTube debate in 2008? Most of the um, uncommitted or undecided questioners had publicly stated their support for the Democrats. The Army officer who lectured the GOP candidates on Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell was affiliated with the Hillary Clinton campaign. Bill Bennett pointed that out on-air to Anderson Cooper.

“CNN, the most trusted name in news.” Yeah, right. In the days after that kerfluffle, CNN’s public comments left me with the distinct impression that they really didn’t care if they’d been unfair to conservatives.

I bet that Crowley will go to the conservative media and expect them to give her a pass. I hope Hugh Hewitt doesn’t. If conservative media keeps giving these MSM figures an out when they do stuff like this…they will keep doing stuff like this! Who will make them stop, if we won’t?

The MSMers who shaft us don’t want ALL conservative media figures to forgive them. They only need one or two. Then, when the rest of conservative media criticizes them, they can retort with “Well, so-and-so isn’t upset and he’s a conservative New Media luminary, so what I did couldn’t have been ALL that bad!” Then, with plausible deniability established, and a shield to hid behind and deflect criticism with, they can return to the MSM cocoon.

I hope Hugh Hewitt, or other conservative New Media leaders, don’t give Crowley that shield. She doesn’t deserve it. At the very least, I hope he insists on a detailed explanation from Crowley for why she sandbagged Romney, and not let her go until he gets it.