It's Time For The Todd Akin Pity Party To Stop

(Emphasis added). From Politico, hat tip to HotAir

Akin is now mounting a populist-tinged campaign, where he’s stoking anger among the party faithful toward his GOP “bosses,” a shot at Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus and National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman John Cornyn — all of whom called on Akin to end his bid before the Tuesday drop-out deadline.

In an interview with POLITICO, Akin accused McConnell and Cornyn of being hostile toward conservatives and gravely warned them that if he loses a race that could determine the Senate majority, the blame will fall squarely on them.

“It’s opened my eyes to a new world,” Akin said when asked about the calls from his party’s leadership to drop out. “There are certain people in the Senate who are not comfortable with conservatives — and as I look back historically, seeing what’s been done in a couple of past elections, I’ve been hit by the same thing that other people have been hit by.”

Where do I start? That reminds me of the line from Monty Python: “Help! Help! I’m Being Repressed!”

I, as a fis-con RINO, am more than willing to partner with Todd Akin, and support him forcefully, for his Missouri Senate bid. Why do I do that? Because I can do math.

51 GOP Senators (we need someone to cancel out Susan Collins) equals repeal of Obamacare. 50 or less equals virtually nothing. 49 GOP Senators means Harry Reid remains in charge, and ABSOLUTELY nothing will get done. No GOP Senate, no meaningful reform. It’s that simple.

FDR and Churchill didn’t partner with Stalin because they thought he was a great guy. They partnered with him because ALL of them had more pressing problems at the time.

Am I saying that Todd Akin is the same kind of guy that Stalin was. No, far from it. Everything I’ve read indicates that Todd Akin is a decent, VERY well-meaning guy who said a monumentally-stupid thing, for which the MO electorate will most likely NOT forgive him.

Todd Akin has missed a chance to embrace his mistake, man up and move on. Instead, he has chosen (assuming Politico quoted him correctly, which isn’t a guarantee) to slam the GOP leadership. He’s chosen to hold a pity party for himself, and blame others for not bailing him out of the hole that he dug for himself, with his own shovel—his mouth.

I fully expect John Cornyn, Mitch McConnell, Reince Preibus and other GOP leaders with national responsibilities to execute those responsibilities with care, wisdom and common sense.

Check out the polls. Winning the Senate isn’t a lock. We have candidates in tough fights all over the country. They will need resources.

The MO Senate race was supposed to be an easy, inexpensive pickup for the GOP. That is, until Todd Akin chose to open his mouth. Now, if GOP leaders decide that a candidate who is not only capable of, but apparently prone to, saying dumb things to microphones and cameras shouldn’t rank high on the funding priority list, that’s not an abandonment of conservative principles. It’s (a) common sense and (b) a implicit affirmation that Darwin had a point: life tends to make short work of the careless and clumsy amongst us.

Let’s not forget that EVERY GOP candidate across the country runs the risk of the Dems and the MSM hanging a “Todd Akin Is My BFF” millstone necklace around their necks. If the national GOP leadership reaches out to Todd Akin, then the national GOP leadership, plus ALL the party’s candidates, everywhere will have to carry Todd Akin around their necks. The MSM won’t let them get away from l’affaire Akin until after the election, when it’s safe to do so. OUr candidates will try to change the subject, and the MSM won’t permit it. They’ll starve our campaigns of the PR oxygen they need to get their message out. (Remember Macacagate?)

Should ALL the GOP’s candidates have to work harder—and perhaps lose winnable races—because Todd Akin is having a pity party? Which GOP candidate does Team Akin consider expendable, in order for their guy to get the “respect” he feel he’s due? Josh Mandel? Tommy Thompson? George Allen? Heather Wilson? Jeff Flake?

Now, Akin could have responded to Politico this way:

I’m not going to blame the national GOP leadership for the problems I created for myself. I said a dumb thing that I didn’t mean. I’ve made myself a target for the left, and I know that the Democrats and media will try and use my words to make things tough for GOP candidates everywhere. My party’s leadership has many elections they have to win; my words threatened to make their jobs that much harder. Moreover, they had to think about the other candidates we have across the country. I get that.

Missourians need to remember, though, that this Senate election is a choice. If Claire McCaskill gets re-elected and the Democrats keep the Senate, Obamacare can’t be fixed. The Democrats won’t permit it. No matter how tough and moderate Claire sounds now, Harry Reid and the liberal leadership in the Democratic Senate will hit the mute button anytime she speaks. Just like they do now. If Claire and the Democrats keep the Senate, our economy will stay stagnated and the theft of our children’s and grandchildren’s money, through deficit spending, will continue.

Many Missourians may not think very much of me; I get that. Your alternative, however, is more of the same horrible stuff we’ve been getting these past four years. I’m not running to be your friend or minister. I’m running to be the guy from the Show Me State who will go to Washington and REALLY make the changes that thousands of Missourians are begging for.

Now, why couldn’t Akin have said something like that?

Todd Akin is married with two daughters. Let the Democrats make a forceful case that Akin is indifferent to rape. Common sense, plus a family photo, will show that Todd Akin isn’t the creature the Democrats are painting him out to be. (Have his wife and daughters cut TV ads yet? If so, are Missouri airwaves being blanketed with those ads?)

For any fiscon RINO who’s leery of sending GOP money to Akin, think of it this way: you wouldn’t have opposed Lend-Lease aid to the Russians, would you?

Having said that—for any Akin supporter who wants to blame their candidate’s problem on an elitist GOP cabal in Washington, your candidate should look somewhere else for the source of his problems. The nearest mirror.