Here's an example of the local Democratic blogosphere's performance in the AZ8 special

Did Republicans Deliberately Sabotage The Economy?

Greetings everyone–smagar here. I’ve linked an article just posted on TucsonCitizen.com, by “Baja Democrats.” Baja is the most active Democratic blogger on TucsonCitizen.com. I, blogging on the “Fort Buckley” blog on TC.com, have been duking it out with Baja and the other Tucson leftys.

This appears to be Baja’s big pre-election blog in support of Ron Barber, the Democrat running against Jesse Kelly for the seat vacated by Gabrielle Giffords.

Did you know that John Boehner and the GOP are trying to bring the US economy to its knees?

(OK, I know that we all know that. Our Koch and Halliburton masters have told us that. But, remember what else they told us in the last data burst of commands they sent to our implanted antennae: we have to act surprised and outraged if Democrats try to tell (drum roll) THE TRUTH in public!)

Feel free to drop by TucsonCitizen.com and add to the comments that are filling up Baja Democrat’s comment section. I could also use some conservative reinforcements in the “Fort Buckley” comment section.

I would be remiss if I didn’t send a huge Old Pueblo Capitalist shout-out to Mike Becker, who wrote this fabulous guest article for us this past week. Kudos and thanks, mbecker908!

Our election here starts in less than 48 hours. PLEASE pitch in and help us out.