Help me help you...and Jesse Kelly...in AZ 8th's special election. Be a "surge commenter"

Greetings Redstaters. smagar here. I write the “Fort Buckley” blog on TucsonCitizen.com. It’s an openly partisan GOP and conservative blog—the only one on the site. Right now, I’m blogging in support of Jesse Kelly’s election.

We could use some commenters in the online publications down here. It would be great if we could get some help over the next few weeks. (The election is June 17th; early balloting begins this week).

These are the major online newspapers in Tucson:
– Arizona Daily Star (the city’s only “official” dead-tree newspaper, and clearly left-leaning).
– Tucson Weekly (our alternative newspaper, who only like Republicans that are RINOs, silent or dead)
– Tucson Citizen (where I blog)
– Tucson Sentinel

On TucsonCitizen.com, these are the major pro-Democratic Party blogs
– Baja Democrats
– Hispanic Politico
– Medicare and More (it should be titled “Mediscare—Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney Hate Grandma!”)

Redstate commenters are some of—if not the—most effective online political combatants on the planet. I speak from experience when I write this next sentence: Democratic Party and liberal commenters in Tucson are largely ignorant, driven by emotion and shallow thinkers. Most of their arguments are easily picked apart and debunked. This is a target-rich environment.

Jesse Kelly is emphasizing the important message that will be sent, if a D district flips R just months before the November election. We’re getting plenty of support from the GOP. But, we could use some surge reinforcements on the commenting side.

I know we all have our own elections we’re tracking and candidates we’re supporting. But, November is months away. The battle for AZ 8th will be won or lost in the next four weeks.

Care to join us for a month?