Urgent! UK and US SOF Need To Perform Medical Rescue Mission in Benghazi

Fortunately for us, we now know just where to find the patient.

Lockerbie bomber Abdel Basset Al Megrahi will today mark the second anniversary of his release from prison in a safe house with his family.
Libya’s under-fire regime has called for any celebrations to remain ‘low key’.

Megrahi was filmed last month by Libyan state television appearing at a rally. Despite the fact he looked ill in a wheelchair, the 59-year-old’s surprise appearance was a huge propaganda coup.

This week the Scottish government insisted it has been ‘vindicated’ in it’s controversial decision to release Megrahi from jail on compassionate grounds.

“Vindicated?” That may be what the Scottish government thinks. But, here’s a chance for the British government, perhaps with a little US SOF help, to make up for a very big mistake it made two years ago.

Certainly al Megrahi will need world-class care for the rest of his life. And, with Libya falling apart, it’s doubtful he can get that care in Libya.

So, how about some SAS and SOF “humanitarians” go “rescue” the poor fellow and bring him back into the welcoming arms of Western medical care?