Will David Prosser have to go down, in order to restore, ahem, "civility" on the WI Supreme Court?

I’m noticing a “plague on both of their houses” attitude in some of the conservative blogosphere’s reaction to the “Battle in Madison” between Justices Bradley and Prosser. Specifically, I see commentary that implies that BOTH sides are at fault here.

Glenn Reynolds, in Instapundit:

UPDATE: More details arise in Wisconsin’s “Chokegate.” Justice Abrahamson isn’t coming off too well. But then, who is?

Really, if I had tried to come up with a plan to undermine the institutional authority of the judiciary I don’t think I could have done better than the Wisconsin Supreme Court has managed to do.

Ed Morrissey, in Hot Air

Sounds like Wisconsin needs to clean house in its Supreme Court. Rather than have the courts get involved, the state legislature should start probing this case to determine exactly what happened, and whether the Chief Justice has conducted a leak campaign against Prosser as payback. I’d say at least one resignation is due in this case — and maybe a few of them, whatever happened. It’s doubtful that Wisconsin’s citizens can put much confidence in a court that can’t behave itself in a mature and professional manner, and especially one where such poisonous partisan and personal politics are in play

(All boldface above added)

Ummm…Ed and Glenn…what did Prosser and the other conservatives do to warrant sanction?

I sense, in the comments I just linked above, a sorta-holier-than-thou attitude that, if the WI Supreme Court Justices can’t get along, then there’s some level of collective guilt, that at some level ALL of the WI SC justices share blame.

I don’t immediately buy that.

If two liberal jerk justices—Bradley and Abramson—-are acting like, well, jerks, then how is that the fault of the other justices? Why lump them together with the the two liberal freak sisters?

Here’s my concern: The liberals will start echoing Ed Morrissey’s call to “clean house” in the WI Supreme Court. Get rid of the excessive partisans! Drain the swamp! Lance the boil of rancorous partisanship that’s poisoned the Badger State’s highest court! Let’s make cheeseheads proud of their justices again!!! Do it for the children!!!

(OK…that last one just slipped out)

Of course, in order for the housecleaning to be fair, at least one conservative justice will have to go. I wonder who the left will pick…

Something tells me the liberals will gladly sacrifice Bradley, if they can get Prosser as a package deal. Prossser’s head is a trophy the left wants very, very badly.

I hope the Hakuna-Matata Pollyanas on our side won’t get played here, into sacrificing a man who—as far as we know, based on the evidence we have now—did nothing wrong, simply because everyone “wants to be able to get along with each other again.”