If CNN Laughs Out Loud at The GOP Tomorrow Night---I Wouldn't Blame Them

Remember the 2008 CNN You Tube GOP Presidential candidate debate?  I do. 

Remember the penultimate questioner of the night?  A retired military flag officer who questioned the GOP candidates about the subject of gay marraige—definately an uncomforatble subject for GOP candidates.  I do.

Remember how, even before the program was over!, conservatives had researched this retiree online, found out he was associated with the Hillary Clinton campaign, notified Bill Bennett so he could point out the, ahem, lack of objectivity in this featured questioner to Anderson Cooper ON THE AIR?  I do.

And now, the GOP contenders are rewarding CNN by giving them what they want—an exclusive night with them, in what is arguably the first real GOP Presidential debate of 2012? 

Do you think that, deep in CNN’s headquarters, they are laughing their heads off at the GOP?  I sure do.

Who here thinks that tomorrow night’s GOP contenders will forget to mention CNN’s partisanship in the 2008 You Tube debate?  (And, in so doing…or NOT doing, as the case may be….reward CNN by helping people to forget what the network did almost four years ago).  I do.

Who here is tired of GOP candidates that insist on being sycophants to the MSM?  I am.

Who here expects anything to change.  (Insert sounds of crickets here).