What would Machiavelli the Tea Partier Do In Wisconsin Today?

Today should be a glorious day for personal responsibility and public sanity in Wisconsin. Yes, the Tea Party cavalry will ride into Madison.

I doubt there will be many union counter-protesters…they’re not getting paid to protest today, like they were this week by being “sick.” So, the Tea Partiers should have the streets largely to themselves.

If I were Machiavelli, and I were a Tea Partier in Madison today, I’d look for ways to make the Wisconsin teachers union as uncomfortable as possible. I’d ask myself, “What could I do to embarass them? How could I emphasize the selfishness of what they did? How could I make them say or do stupid things in public, while Tea Party cameras are rolling (and the MSM is frantically looking the other way)?”

In so doing, I’d maximize the political power of the Tea Party event, as well as my own schadenfreude!

Here are some of my ideas:
– Make a point of cleaning up any mess the union protesters left.
– Announce that you have facial-recognition software, and LOTS of pictures of those union protesters. Remember…officially, many of those protesters were “sick”…so what were they doing in the streets when they should have been home getting better? Don’t most public schools have websites, with LOTS of pictures of their teachers and faculty? Don’t teachers get their pictures taken every year for the school yearbook? Hmmm…
– There is a problem with the facial-recognition software idea—it will take a lot of time, So, what can you do with those pictures NOW? Well, you can create a website with still photos/video stills of protesting teachers, and title that website: “Do You See Your Kid’s “SICK” Teacher Here?” Publicize the website’s URL ad nauseum at the rally today. Then, let the parents who had to skip work/pay for day care/see their kids miss their school lunches take the ball and run with it.
– Carry signs that, while polite and dignified, goad the union protesters (there will be a few out there today) to say really dumb things. (I wonder what some of those signs might say…). Then, carry those signs through those crowds of union protesters, or (for safety sake) right along the edge of their crowds. (Be sure to take several cameras with you, plus any spare Packer or Badger linemen that happen to be standing around).
– Get some Tea Partiers with ArcGIS, or other GIS software, to plot the percentages of teachers who called in sick by school district. Then, compare that to the district boundaries of Republican versus Democratic state legislators. I’ve heard tell that there was a much higher level of teacher sickness in R districts than D. WOW…what a coinky-dink!
– If legislators have been harassed at home, make a point of mentioning that at the rally today. You don’t have to mention the legislator’s names…but tell as much as you can about what they and their families have had to endure. I’m betting that most Badger State residents wouldn’t take kindly to the thought of ANYONE’s home life being invaded.
– Run a contest for the worst-spelled teachers’ union protest sign.
– Last but not least, CLEAN UP! Leave the place looking nice. Then, take lots of pictures of the cleaned-up Tea Party protest site and post them on the web…right next to pictures of all the trash the union protesters left.

Those are my ideas…what are yours?